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My boxer loves bread.why?

I have a wonderful boxer dog named Baxter and he is 4 years old and crazy about breadLike an alcholic to liquorI will give him a piece as a treat and then he will steal it off the counter when I leave! I went shoppping last week and bought a whole loaf of bread and bagelsI walked in from work and two empty plastic bags were laid out on the floor and he looks up at me shaking and repentantI usually put it in the fridge to prevent this but sometimes I forgetIs he deficient on something or is he just lovin bread?


Ahaha, that's funnyHe's just lovin bread, thoughDog's really don't need grains in their dietMaybe he just wants it because you try to take it away.? If that makes senseLike, prize envyMy dog does thatHe always takes aluminum foil just because he likes the reaction he gets from me when I find out he's been in the trashAnd because I have to chase him to get it away from him, he'll eat itCrazy dog:/ ahhh.

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