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My camping gear, one can never be to careful, can I? What do you think of it?

X2 Magnesium bars with flintsx2 boxes of matches1 waterproof container with matchesAround 12 iIlumisticksWater purification tabletsx3 small knives Seven tools pocket knifeMulti-tool (Which contains a knife as well) Dust maskSmall first aid kit (Need to upgrade it)WiresCan lids (I know how to make fishing hooks) Nilon line Pen and pencils (To write down my sorrows and take notes)Compass Magnifying glass Fire making also can be used to study plants before eating)Plastic bags (Must update to orange instead of black)Few random pieces of dry wood (For fire just in case)Tinder sticks Bug repellent Bug bite ointment Big 12 inch jungle master knifeSmall axe (Makes wood gathering easier)Orange blanket (Orange a bright color.. Itcan be used to keep warm and to signal with for rescue)Extra pair of socks9 volts battery Steel wool $60 bucksThings to add: CoinsSleeping bagtent Fishing gearRopeMapI will admit that the gear is getting quite heavy


You are only entitled to any loss you incurred, so you need to figure that amount out. You might want to find out what your state legally requires, because if you start spouting off complaints about things you are not legally entitled to in the first place the judge will not listen to anything you have to say. No state requires painting or carpeting. You also have the problem of proving your complaints when you obviously were happy, you stayed 8 years. No heat is an issue, but again, it did not bother you for 8 years. Gas leaks are usually handled by the gas company, not the landlord. You can't get anything for things happening next door, such as the smoke detector. You can't complain about his termite damage either, you loved it for 8 years. You might get something for the door not locking, if you can prove a loss. You can also argue that nothing you did or failed to do caused the damaes he is now billing you for. You say they are not your responsibility, so you need to prove that. We can't tell you what you can sue and settle for, you have not listed any actual loss, just complaints.
Rabbit teeth are continually growing. You should be giving him things to distract him like untreated wicker baskets, dried apple branches, and paper towel tubes. Discipline on a rabbit doesn't work. It will only make it more aggressive.

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