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My canon battery charger wont charge?

Hey,Yesterday I bought a canon EOS rebel T1I kit and I had an extra fully charged LP-E5 battery so I put that in but today I tried to charge the original battery with the original charger it came with and no light will turn it. This hasnt even been used yet. The battery will charge with my extra charger though.What do I do?Thanks!


In addition to the car charger, do you have one for the house? If so, try charging it in the house. If it still won't charge, the battery may have died, contact Canon about a replacement. If it charges in the house, the car charger has died and you need to contact Canon about replacing it.
Use the battery until it runs dead and then try again. There are some cases where chargers are designed not to charge a batter that shows full. This could be the case with the one charger and not the other. There's probably nothing wrong with either battery or charger, you just have to use that battery until it shuts down the camera, then try that charger that won't charge now. If it still doesn't work it could be faulty but again, that's probably not the case. Good Luck

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