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My furnace keeps shutting on and off and never stays running for a long period of time?

My furnace starts and stops randomly until the 4th or the 5th try. It does this very regularly and had a technician come in ever so often and the problem still continues. We would always have to go and shut it off and restart it again to have heat in the house. Good thing I have maintenance plan. But are they really helping me? They already did everything that's needed which covers the warranty maintenance plan. Now I'm being told it needs a heat exchanger replacement at a cost of $860. My wife works for a construction company and had a contractor come in and did a diagnostic on the furnace and found out the gas valve intake did not meet it's requirement after adjusting it the problem was solved. Would I still be having problems later on or was this just a matter of being sucked for $860 from the company that bills me for the heating? I have not gone to restart the machine so far.


my case is the opposite my furnace stays on for too long and shuts off but only for 1 minute had it check already couldn't find anything wrong what is the problem---on 10 minutes off 1 minute.thanks
I would replace whole unit before spending that much.The new ones are much more efficient......no lie!
If the heat exchanger was in need of replacement then you and your family would be in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. If they didn't condemn your furnace then they are lying to you. It sounds to me like one of two possible problems, your filter may be dirty and the furnace isn't getting enough air flow over the heat exchanger and is over heating and causing it to shut down. More than likely it is the flame sensor that could be the problem, try to clean it with some very fine sand paper and see what happens. Whatever you do, do not get the heat exchanger replaced without actually seeing holes in it for yourself. If you have a service tech from this same company over again do not leave them alone with your furnace, make them show you the problem. I have been in the HVAC trade for over 12 years now and there are alot of less than honest people employed in the field, especially at this time of year when business is very slow.

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