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My Trucks cigarette lighter won't work.?

Ok. My Pick-ups cigarette lighter will power my radar detector, my phone charger, or my gps but will not heat up the male part of the lighter. It will get warm but not hot. Please don't tell me its the fuse that is just dumb. Yes i've replaced the female part of the lighter and its the same problem. Any ideas will help greatly.


i am a fire alarm inspector and it is mandatory that we notify the homeowner's association days in advance so that they can notify the residents. I have seen the homeowners association place a mailer in all of the mailboxes to do this and still had people run out of their condos angry because they didn't see the letter in their mailbox. I am not sure what the liability is for them not notifying the residents though
Sorry to say.that is why you should always have two keys and two alarm remotes. If you lose or break one you always have a back up. In fact an old man ( locksmith ) told me years ago you should always have 3 keys for every lockbecause when you lose one you always wait around for weeks or longer before you get another cut to replace the lost one.and if you lose or break the second ( and only other one ) you are SOL, as some would say. It cost you more to get them re-keyed then it would have been if you had 10 other keys made.

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