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My windshield wipers stop & hangup on my 2002 Toyota Avalon with 183K.Fuse or something else?

It does it every so often.more lately than ever though. They just stop working.and in about 15-30 minutes start back.What could be causing this and what is my most cost effective way of repairing this?


As you noticed, BB have 2 numbers: commonly 68 or 72, and then another measurement in mm. The first number (68 in this case) is the width of the BB of the bike, so the shell of the BB. The second number is the length of the BB spindle. Commonly 113, 115, 120, etc. This number can depend on a number of variables, and is very precise (down to the mm.) Go to your bike shop.
it is end to end. you need a micrometer though, as the differences are very small.mm. you could also bring it to a local shop and they can match it up.
wiper transmission or wiper motor broke. Did you put pressure on them? or the hinge could be so rusted and seized that it wont budge. Call local auto glass repair shop.
you should by no ability attempt to operate the windshield wipers without first clearing the snow off the window and making useful the wiper blade isn't stuck to the window from the ice. continuously pop them faraway from the windo first. you may have stripped the equipment stream, and ought to opt to interchange the motor. you have to have the capacity to locate one at a junk backyard fantastically less costly.
Doubt it, more likely your wiper motor is bad. Do you live in a cold climate and run your wipers to clear the snow from the windshield by chance? Activities like this can cause your motor to burn out early. Otherwise, if you live in a warm climate and/or your car is garage kept, then it would seem unlikely that your motor would burn out in a 2002. then again, it is 10 years old with 183k miles on it.

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