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My windshield wipers stopped workingHelp?

This morning when my bf took my car to work he said they worked fine.when he went to turn off the car he left them onnow after work he tried to see if they worked and they don‘t even move now. Its a 1998 nissan sentra. if anyone knows what could be the problem can you help me out. thanks so much!


Try the fuse box first, though it may not be a fuse, but a circuit breaker. If it IS a circuit breaker it should reset itself after a half hour or so. Put the ignition to on, but don't start the car. Listen and see if you can hear the wiper motor. If you can, shut the car off and go to the wipers. See where they are attached to the post coming out of the hood? Pry the caps up with a screw driver (easy does it!), and tighten down the strip nuts. This is an annoying little feature that prevents you from wrecking your wiper arms and/or motor if you hit something hard, like ice, with your wipers.
Windshield wipers are run by a motor you may need to have replacedI'd say check the fuse 1st though.
two major culprits. 1. you blew a fuse.check the fuse box. 2. The wiper motor went out. There are several other probabilities, but these are the most likely. It could also be: 1. Bad wiper switch 2. Loose wire connection 3. Wiper arm came off the motor

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