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my windshield wipersstoped what happened?

my windshield wipers to my 93 Dodge caravan stopped working,what could it be?


Change the fuse in the fuse box usually located by your left foot or under the steering wheel. Fuses only cost a couple of bucks Pull out the fuse for the windshield wipers, on the box it should tell you which one is for the windshield, look at it and if theirs a break in the metal line inside the fuse or it looks burnt that means it needs to be replaced Also do this first before you take it to a mechanic because if you don't know they will tell you it's a bad motor and cost hundreds to fix even though it's probably only a 2 dollar fuse.
Maybe they need windshield wiper fluid
Well the chances are that your fuse has blown, so check that first. If it is your fuse you need co change it, and if you can't do this yourself i would recommend getting a car mechanic to do it for you. If it is not the fuse, check the links between your motor and the windshield wipers, if they are disconnected you will have to clip them back in. Finally if it is none of those things, check your motor and if it is that you will need it replacing, i would suggest you have a car mechanic do that for you. Hope i helped:)

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