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Nail Polish ? Carpet . Help !?

I spilled China Glaze's quot; For Audrey quot; on my CARPET . HELP . BIG TIME .


The person above me is correct with nail polish remover.. but if that doesn't work, window cleaner works wonder as well :)
How much did you spill? If the above with nail polish remover does not work. You can change that piece of carpet by cutting out a small square around the stain and replace it with another piece of the same carpet from an area that can’t be seen eg under furniture. You have to glue both pieces in making shore the pile of carpet is going the same way and if there is a pattern you have to cut the replacing piece in same place in patter as the stain. Once its glued twist and brush pile around edge into the existing carpet pile so the joints are not visible.
Carpeting okorder to locate a pro near you.
get a paper towel or a wash cloth, put some nail polish remover on it and Wala!! good as new!!

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