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Need crash-corse instruction in chain-saw safety, use, etc.?

Ok, I'm going to be helping relatives with some landscaping work and probably using a chainsaw because it would take forever to do by hand. I've watched a good bit and helped neighbors with moving the cut debris, etc. but never used one myself.Just to complicate matters, they can't find the owner's manual so I can't even look at that. It's a small Black Decker electric chainsaw, and a neighbor has offered to let me use their medium size gasoline chainsawsame thing, no manual.I need any and all information, references, etc. on dos, don'ts, safety, proper technique, etc. to try and be prepared. At this point, I only know the obvious safety goggles and hearing protection. Staying clear of the blade is a given but I'm not sure what to expect with kickback that could make that harder.Any pointers from experienced people could help too.


That's funny because where I live there is a sign by the ordering counter where it says that employees must wear gloves, and I always see them wearing gloves.
Sounds a little cool, but over shadowed by the oh ****, whats wrong
Yes, I would. I'm a carpenter who never wore safety glasses and back then employers didn't require or enforce it on the job like they do now,anyway I stuck a 16 penny nail straight through my right eye 15 years ago,ended up having 5 surgeries,going blind in that eye and having to wear an ocular prosthesis for the rest of my life.Now of coarse I don't do anything without some type of eye protection and I just cringe when I see somebody that isn't.It's such a simple precaution but such a high price to pay when Murphy's Law kicks in.Now i'm on the receiving end of every stupid one eye, one eye joke you can imagine.Some of them are really funny too but as for the ?, yeah, I'd wear them so you can see your pretty lawn with both eyes. Safety First
Yes! even if you wear standard eye glasses.- There is so much stuff that fly's around - its just a matter of time. Close one eye for10 seconds - then close both eyes for 10 seconds. This is what you will see if you lose your eyesight It ain't worth it, (not to wear them).
yes ..i am a regular user of strimmers am amazed how many times i am hit in face by things that the strimmer picks up and yes i know there will be many answers who will say it never happened to them ..but you may have trees and stuff falls out of them ..and there are many ways things get lost in the grass better safe than sorry

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