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Need help from those that found all 350 Infamous blast shards on the PS3?

Did anyone get this one blast shard thats in the historic district on this brown smoke silo thing on top of at building next to the railroad track? I been dying trying to reach it but theres no high enough building around to glide to the shard. Its on the right side of the island, just a lil SW of the middle medical clinic.


look on ign or somewhere on the internet for a guide that tells u how to get to it
I remember...There are some little circle shaped things on the sides of that cylindrical building that you can grab onto but i dont think thats hhow i got there but look around for any buildings and even things ontop of buildings.I remember having this problem but i found a way from jumping from a building and gliding.I have 349 of 350 shards and i dont intend on trying to find the last one.I'll just w8 for a next game w/e 75% OF TROPHIES WILL SUFFICE
Hey pal. I think I know the area you're talking about. The shard is like on the side of one of the silo or whatever? Yeah, you can't get on top of the silo(s), but you can climb the nearest tallest building and use your static thrusters to jump towards the shard. If I remember correctly, I made it just above the shard and had to simply slide my way down to it. There's not much to grab on to on the side of the silo, so you have to aim right at the shard. Just look around for the tallest building and take a leap of faith.

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