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Need opinions about living in NYC.?

I am looking to go to NYC for college, I am entering my junior year of high schoolI know it may be a little soon to be thinking about this, but I just like to plan aheadI have visited NYC many times and live everything about itI am going to be majoring in sports management and I'm trying to get into NYUSo I was wondering about living arrangementsI understand that apartments would range from around $500 maybe up to $700 a month not including bills such as phone, water, heat, electricity, etc., but I'm also looking into the possibility of living in a hotelI have absolutely no idea how much a low rate hotel would be in NYCSo I'm wondering 1) What the lowest rates in NYC for a decent hotel?2) What is your opinion one which is better for living year round not just school time?Thank you in advance everyone!


I lived in the South Bronx (bad neighborhood) for a year, and rented one bedroom in a three bedroom apartmentIt was on the 5th floor of a walk-up building (no elevator)The rent was $500/month plus utilitiesYou need to readjust your expectations regarding standard of livingI suggest starting on Craigslist, and looking on NYU's website for suggestions on apartments that students find preferable Also, unless you are wealthy, bugs are a fact of life in big citiesEveryone has a roommate, even working professionalsApartments are the size of a normal house's walk-in closetsYour neighbors will be one of the following: loud, smelly, criminals, not speak english, not approve of how loud/smelly/misbehaved you areAll of that being said, my year in NYC was still amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anythingJust know what you're getting into so it isn't a shockGood Luck!

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