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New aluminum baking sheets.?

I usually use parchment paper to bake cookies on my sheetsI got nice aluminum sheets for Christmas with instructions to grease sheets and bake directly on sheetMy question is can I still bake with parchment paper on these sheets ? Thanks


Ironing items as well as freezing will also destroy the insectsTo freeze, put the item in a sealable plastic bag, press the air out (to prevent condensation), and place in the freezer at 0 degrees or below for 3-4 daysSome sources suggest doing this twice and allowing the garment to air betweenShould condensation occur, allow the item to dry thoroughly before storingMothproofing can be done by a dry-cleaner, but it is not permanentMoth balls are a repellent but would be most effective in an enclosed containerSome old homemade remedies include making sachets of lavender and a few other botanicalsThe sachets are placed in closets or drawers where wool items are keptAs far as I can tell, there's no hard proof that it is effective, but people have been using these for generations.
Store your clean woolen items in sealed plastic storage boxesMight even have to run some packing tape or duct tape around the edge of the lid to get a good sealToss in some cedar chips, balls, pellets and you should be good to goIf you have access to some Lavender, that can go in as wellBut the cedar stuff works great! Just don't allow it to lay directly on the clothing, the oils in the cedar that make it fragrant can also stainA small pouch or a plastic container with holes in the lid will work.
Get No MothIt is not moth ballsIt is a white plastic box filled with moth repellants that you hang in your closet near your clothes, keeps 'em away and there isn't a very pungent odor, just slightYou can get them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
Of course you canParchment paper ensures even browning and no sticking.

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