I know that if the sites are blocked that I obviously should not be trying to access the sites. However, at the same time I am bored to death in school and need a proxy to access my myspace. Does anyone know of any new ones. By the way,


The difference between an orange and what?
Name two uses for the safety shower. If you get a significant amount of a harmful chemical on you, or are on fire. Why is it important to remove contact lenses before working in the lab? A base can cause them to fuse to your eye. When should safety glasses or goggles be worn in the chemistry lab? Whenever anyone is doing any experiment (even if it's not you). What type of shoes are appropriate for the lab? Sneakers; never sandals. Before choosing a thermometer for a specific job, what should you know about the thermometer? You should know the temperature range (and corrosion resistance, if working with a corrosive chemical).

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