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Nissan D22 rear axle bearing?

Part number for nissan D22 made in south Africa


Just depends on what type of rear axle the truck came with. Front loader or rear cover type and what load the truck was designed to carry. Better take your vin# and a picture of the rear axle there may be a tag on the differential. Most axle bearings need special tools and reuse of or new locking plates and new axle seals and paper gasket in the differential tube and out at the bearing which may be packed with regular axle grease. and differential lubed with GL-5 gear oil. If the inside seal washes out it pushes the grease out of the axle bearing. After pressing in the bearing and installing the axle it may be bound up and after torqued down (pop) the axle bearing centers and turns freely. Good Luck
May 28, 2018

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