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old ford fire extinguisher?

i have a old brass fire extinguisher by ford motor company in mint condition with bracket. im woundering if anyone could help me put a date and value on it. im thinking the 30s but not sure


well you asked what do we need for camping all I am lacking is a sexy woman to go with me I have the right equiptment for everything else
We used to use them in the lab to squeeze more water out of the stuff we were filtering via a seive. I got some strange looks at the medical supply company when I bought about fifty of them.
Do not use Vaseline. That's an incredibly bad idea. Really, 4 years wouldn't be enough to cause rust. Nihonto don't need to be maintained as much as people think. Using excessive amounts of oil can actually cause oxidation, and if you don't clean off the old oil properly adding more will cause it to absorb in the sheath which will cause oxidation very fast. In my opinion 4 years isn't enough time to cause rust unless you've been oiling the crap out of it or without cleaning it properly before reapplying first. I don't oil the swords I use for tameshigiri but every 6 months or so. The ones I don't use (the good ones anyway) I don't oil but every year or year and a half. I even have one good one that I've never oiled and in 7 years it hasn't rusted at all. Though if you're going to worry about, you could do as Aaron R suggested. possum: Vaseline itself isn't harmful, but even when using choji oil a sword only requires a very scarce amount. Vaseline is no where near as easy to spread and thin out which would cause it to absorb into the sheath and end up causing corrosion. That's what I meant by oxidation.

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