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One windshield wiper slower than the other?

I have a Toyota Celica GT-S, and the driver side wiper arm is going slower than the passenger side.SO.when the passenger side comes over in normal fashion, the driver-side blade is only half way up, and the passenger side blade breaks the driver-side blade right off. I‘ve tried different blades, and I am trying to avoid putting it in the shop. Any idea‘s?


the motor is working fine, but there is a linkage that connects the two wiper blades and it sounds like that's jacked up. Unless you're comfortable inspecting that linkage for bending or other damage, it's probably going to go in the shop. Get an itemized quote BEFORE they do the work and bring it to a Toyota dealer. There probably won't be aftermarket parts available for that, so you won't save money by going to some mom n pop shop, you'll just get ripped off unless it's someone you personally know.
the linkage to the wipers is not tight. they have bushings and maybe they were bent somhow, so check this out.if u have 2 motors one on each side, (most don't) the drivers side is bad. u can temporarily remove the passenger side where it comes out of the cowl,by lifting the lok tab and taking the whole arm off. the shaft will still trun but will not interfere with the other side. get some help with this if u do not know how to do it. u can go to a shop or a good parts store for help not autozone.
I doubt the battery is the problem. The power would be evenly distributed so you would've noticed in the lights. It sounds like the wiper motor may have a problem. It could have a short or just be going out. They are relatively inexpensive to but but install is the killer. I did it myself but it was a pain.

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