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our street needs a speed bump how do i request this?

i live in phoenix arozona and thank god no one has gotten hurt in our street but am afraid some one will if we don't put a speed bump i have two little sisters and i am afraid one day somethig will happen and am not the only person with children in the street so i just want to fix this before an accident happens. first of all there is no actual sign saying the speed you should go so people go very very fast what can i do? or who should i contact to get this problem fixed??thx


Depends what it is - but one test would be - how easily will it ignite.
This is a tough one because it is slightly ambiguous. It really all depends on how much each object resists it's own motion. Rolling resistance is, in almost every case, negligible (close enough to 0 to assume it is 0), so the ball has virtually no friction. That being said, the ice cube also slides down with virtually no friction. The answer to the question depends on how thoroughly you want to answer it. The simple answer is that they both reach the bottom at the same time. A more thorough answer might depend on how hot the cookie sheet is, how clean it is, and the length would have a factor in the amount of heat transferred to the ball thus making it more sticky and therefore resist motion more. Also, it could be said that the ball would reach the end first because the ice cube completely melted halfway down and never reached the bottom.
In 42 years of driving in winter country, I have never used chains. Thay are only for temporary use, and are usually mandated for mountain passes at certain times, not for everyday driving. Studs are illegal after a certain date each year because of road wear, and can only be put in brand new winter tires that have the spots for them. The are great on ice, but do nothing in snow. The newest generation of winter tires is great in snow and ice without studs. At the very least, you should have good all-season tires with the Ms designation. I bet you have summer touring tires on your car, and the Vibe has a fairly wide tire for the size of the car, making touring tires dangerous in winter conditions. See a reputable tire dealer about good winter tires for all 4 wheels, or at least an upgrade to good all-seasons.

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