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Overcoming my fear of elevators.?

When I was younger I would always go on elevatorsMy grandmother wouldn't be able to take the stairs nor escalator so I didn't really have a choice.However, last year, while acting at the towns Court house, I rode on an elevator that went up only four floorsIt was huge and very heavy, and as soon as I felt the elevator lift off the ground I lost my balanceI had to hold onto the bar for support.Once I finally stepped off I couldn't hold my balance and it felt as though the ground was shaking.In all and all I forgot my lines and had a horrible performance due to the anxiety of the elevator ride.Now I won't dare go on an elevatorMy friends mock me, but also tell me it's okay to overcome the fear.I don't want to go through that again thoughWhat do you all think I should do?


i dont ever get in them anymore they can fail last time here in my city some lady got crushed by one because as she was about to step in the elevator moved and her foot got stuck between the elevator door slits and it dragged her down and crushed her

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