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Painful illness that keeps coming back?

I have a literally spinning head, headache, toothache, and a sore throat to the point that it hurts to cough and eat! Have I got anything serious? :(P.S I've had my tonsils taken out


At our house, the rule was in exchange for keeping the common areas neat, the kids could do whatever they wanted in their rooms. But no food was allowed in their rooms. Needless to day, their rooms were disaster areas. I never made them clean them, and I never did either. They were responsible for changing their own sheets and doing their own laundry from the time they could manage those tasks. It was all up to them. One of my biggest reasons for doing this, besides believing in personal responsibility and mothers’ emancipation from slavery, was that I was a full-time working mother. I didn’t have the time or the energy, much less the inclination, to do for them what they were capable of doing for themselves. Despite being totally piggy about their rooms, though, they were personally fairly fastidious. I never had to argue with them about showers, hair washing, or tooth brushing. They did that pretty much daily. So I saw it as one of those “pick your battles” things. We had enough drama in other areas that rooms were demilitarized zones. If it was bad enough, I just shut the doors.
I've watched old Sherlock Holmes videos where people just yelled, and others took up the call.
it looks well lived in. About once a month we do a full cleaning of the bedrooms, but normally its a once a week clean the room, which means all clothes up, put away or in laundry if dirty. Toys put away, and organized enough that I can do a walk thru with my eyes closed w/o tripping. The rule is I have to be able to safely walk in at night to check on them or if any of them have nightmares. Beds made because we do sheets every weekend, even if no leaks during the week. This way I make sure the bed protector/rubber sheet, is on, and hopefully not to noticeable to their friends. Its hard with the 6 of us in a 3 bedroom home, but we all get along and make it work. My 3 youngest have 1 room and the 2 eldest have their room. The formal living room, is actually the boys play room so they can play and have room to be kids. My room is not super clean either, I believe that the rooms in the house apply to everyone, and this makes it easier for the boys to see that we all have the same guidelines to follow. I dont hold them to any higher standards than I do for myself, and I think all parents should do the same!!! A very clean room is a sign of a sick mind.. :) You can tell that our home is a home of all guys, but its safe, sanitary, and clean enough (and even with 5 bedwetters you cant ever smell any urine!!! Because if anyone could, that would be a give away to all the other kids and their friends. That is why diapers work best at night, even for the older ones). The kitchen is kept very clean, as that is where I am very picky, and the boys have learned that and know the make sure dishes, and the table are very clean! And now I'm teaching them how to cook.
Ha-ha-ha -GREAT joke ! (What's the Punchline ?!). ;)

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