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Papertrimmer for cutting multiple sheets of 8.5& x 11& cardstock?

Can anyone recommend a sturdy (preferably reasonably priced) papertrimmer for cutting 8.5 x 11 cardstock? Thanks!


You have Gonzalez. More importantly, why would the Lions give up Johnson? And why would he be a good fit. You'd have deep threats at both WR slots as well as at TE. Pointless if you can't throw underneath.
i think they DO. marvin has been on the decline for a while. u do have reggie wayne and anthony gonzalez but after that theyre is a lot of doubt as to if they can rely on pierre garcon. i know this wont happen but crabtree would be a great fit, but maybe if heyward-bey, percy harvin, jeremy maclin, or dez bryant are available they would be good pick ups
Yeah, he'll be back. Dungy has said over the past couple weeks, if they were playoff games, Harrison would be playing. How effective he'll be is a different story with all of the time he has been inactive. It'd be nice to see him play a couple games before the playoffs to shake off the rust.
fire, it is a double edged sword that can either help and keep warm, or destroy, burn, and eradicate
I highly doubt the Lions will ever let Calvin Johnson off their roster. He is going to be one of the corner stones in rebuilding the team. With that said, the Colt should probably draft a wide receiver that they could groom into being a stud a couple years down the road. For now Wayne and Gonzalez are good number 1 and 2 receivers.

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