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Pictures- area rug difficulties?

I've been trying to find a rug that works in our living area, however I am no interior designer and have a hard time deciding if what I get looks okay! I never thought getting a rug would be this difficult…


I liked the rug you returned, but do not think the rug size is large enough for the room. You do need some colour...try some accent pillows in a deeper colour of the sage on your wall..you will have to be careful on the colours..autumn colours could work well, but keep the reds more of a salsa red...if your paint colour has a grey undertone, then many red shades will not work well with it, but you can go more for the blues and golds/yellows like a mediterranian colour. Curtains (floor length) are a great starting point .... something patterned in the colours you like...light and airy ones that can go over your blinds so you still have the blackout you desire from the blinds. Pick out colours from your curtains to use in the pillow covers and some coloured glass vases or accent pieces. Lamps or scones will add a lot to the room too.
Aug 23, 2017
Im no good at this but thats why i wanted to look. the brown rug dull . I liked the second rug but the square in the middle did match your table position. but i liked that rug. I think no rug looks better than the brown rug. just my 2 cents.
Aug 23, 2017

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