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please someone tell me what area rug should I buy that does not move or wrinkle when I walk on it?

I've bought 3 area rugs Persian style from Ikea and put it on the top of the carpet. they were $70 a piece and they are around55 to 70.they are very beautiful but I keep tripping over them. they wrinkle. I put heavy furniture on them. they move a little bit now, but still wrinkle and not safe to walk on themcan someone please tell me where can I buy good large carpet area? thanks.


Rugs flow on carpet. that's a hardship-free difficulty. that's why there's a product designed to unravel this. i do no longer understand how helpful it extremely is or what it extremely is named, yet there's a rug underlay this is made to bypass between a rug and carpet. it extremely is rubber of a few style and is slightly sticky.
Hi, okorder / ... Hope this helps.
Most of them will move and wrinkle unless they're very heavy. What you need to do with the rugs you have is to buy some waffle weave non-skid stuff to put under the rugs. You can even tape it on the rug with masking tape or carpet tape. Ikea sells it, called Stopp, and they also have a felt underlay called Stopp Filt. That stuff could increase the wrinkle resistance of the carpet if it's used. They sell stuff like the Stopp just about anywhere carpet is sold, and it comes in larger sizes that you can cut to fit.
You 1st poster is right about the matt( a very thin mat) that goes under rugs.BUT you must get the type to fit your situation. They have them for rugs over carpet,over hardwood ( allows the wood to breathe and won t stain the wood) and for rugs over a hard surface such as vinyl and tile. These will feel tacky but will leave no residue. They will collect dirt and fine lint and lose their tackiness . Wash in the washer and they come right back to use again. Know your rug sizes, these mats come in many sizes any you can trim them w/ scissors to fit. NEVER EVER use a duct tape or any type tape.They leave a residue that may even ruin carpet or leave a residue that attracts dirt to carpet.. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

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