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Poll: How fast do you drive over speed bumps?

And do you hate it when the car in front of you takes an hour going over it?


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A couple of departments I used to live by (mostly volunteers) use the sirens even though they have beepers and pagers. Years before they had beepers and pagers, they used sirens to alarm the firefighters that there's an emergency. Some of them, not all, still use the sirens today. I'm not sure why, I never had the chance to find out. They also have the sirens go off either 11 AM or noon for testing that would last for a couple of minutes. Do you live near big/small cities with large population? If so, the larger the population, the more calls the departments are going to get (like the area I lived in Pennsylvania). The sirens could be used to testing, might be a malfunction, and like I said, still use them for emergencies. Most of the paid departments that I've known don't really use the sirens any more (also goes for the volunteers), only the beepers and pagers. You can always stop in and ask, I'm pretty sure they'll tell you. I answered the best I can. Hope this helps!
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