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Problems With iPhone 4s Charger?

I have a charger that, when I plug my phone in, will buzz as if my phone is now charging, and then buzz again and stop charging it. It does this over and over again and when I'm holding the phone is the worst. This has happened several times to a lot of my chargers before this. It's really annoying because I will wake up, and my phone will be at 36%, and it has been charging all night. I don't know what to do because I need a charged phone. Thanks.


Hi so visit a phone shop and ask them tho look at it take the charger with you.
Have you tried another charger? Sounds like a fault with the charger, rather than the iphone itself.
Oh this happens to me all the time iPhone chargers don't last very long bing the tip of the charger then it should work if not tape the wire tip part so bind the tip of the charger hopes that works if not Amazon has very cheap iPhone chargers

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