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I need help with this becuase it's confusing!!Out of these materials.:-Wood-Iron-Steel-Copper-Other Materials-Plastic-Rubber-Glass-Ceramic-Wool-Cotton-Artificial Fibres.Why are they used? Is it because (more than one) they are:-Strong?-Tough?-Ductile?-Malleable?-Thermal Insulator?-Thermal Conductor?-Electrical Insulator?-Electrical Conductor?-Transparent?-Transucent?-Reflecting?-Refracting?


IntermediateYeah, keep practising your barre chordsThey are bloody annoying at first but they'll get easier and they're handy handyAlso you don't know B!? The minors and sevenths I can forgive but learn B! lol
Intermediate, depending on the songs, I assume you're probably around a grade 5/6 guitarist, but you need to work on getting full barre chords!
I could say that it relies on the period of time he places into finding out his softwareWhen I use to play the clarinet I train the whole lot from my scales to the tune for the following live performanceMy train consultation could final at any place from 2 to 4 hoursThere had been a quantity of songs that I had commented to reminiscence and a quantity of songs that I would play perfectly if the sheet tune was once furnishedBut, if you happen to had been to invite me at present I’d let you know I would slightly play “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” I had been out of train that lengthyIf a guitarist is commented and inclined to quit a Saturday on the Mall along with his peers or film with a female friend than he his expertise will expand with the enjoyBut, if he has no longer faithful as so much time to practising even the fundamentals than he'll now as so much approximately gambling a guitar as a infant does plucking on the strings.
I don't think you are telling the truth, here is why you say you can play 140 songs at performance level, yet you cant play essential chords such as Gm B Bm B7you say your not sure about solos and you prefer to improvise, but then go on to claim that you can pull off a pink floyd solothis is logicically inconsistent you say you know music theory, yet you still cant figure out how to play a F7 Gm B Bm or a B7 again this is not logical you claim you can play 140 songs yet you claim you cant play a barre chord, and you prefer to play the chord elsewhere, then how can you not play the chords mentioned above, if you can find new chord shapes for the barre chords the you should be able to do that for any chord.
way too muchwood is used because it is cheap and fairly strong and easy to machineIron is used because it is cheap, malleable steel is used because it is cheap, strong, tough etc.

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