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Putting a rug on a horse?

Can anyone tell me how to put a rug on a horse the British Horse Society recommended way please. A detailed answer or video would be appreciated, thank you.


the correct way is to fold the rug in half so that the back is level with the withers. You should not throw the rug over but slip it over the withers until it is in place but still folder in half. You do up the front straps, unfold the rug back and make sure it is lever but do not pull it back tight against the horses chest. Then you do up the belly straps then leg straps if there are any. Removing the rug you do it in reverse, undo leg straps and do them back up on the outside of the leg. Belly straps, chest straps and then you fold the front of the rug back to the top of the tail and slip it off the horse.
Aug 23, 2017
Rugs Bhs
Aug 23, 2017
The trick is to flatten the rug out on the floor the different way up, carry the front of the rug the two component of the neck beginning. Swing the rug up and over the pony so as that the rug lands the nicely suited section up. This needs to be carried out on the nicely suited speed so as that the rug sails over the back of the pony and lands contained in the middle... think of of a matador's cape.
Aug 23, 2017
Why are you putting a rug on the horse? Do you mean a blanket? Ah, well I learned something today. It is a bit rude for everyone to give me thumbs down for not knowing the British call a blanket a rug. Although I do see where that name makes sense - a horse blanket is coarse an itchy like a cheap rug!
Aug 23, 2017

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