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Questions about motorcycle safety gear for chicago weather?

Im going to be getting my first motorcycle (ninja 250r) in april. However im unsure about the gear i need. I know im getting gloves, jacket, and helmet for sure but are pants and boots completely necessary? I plan on using the bike to commute to school (college) with so it would be kind of a hassle to completely undress when i get to school and find a place to put all my gear. (although i realize road rash is a bigger problem). also i see myself having no problem wearing the gear every single time for april and may when its still pretty cool here in chicago and it will help keep me warm. But what about when its 80-95 degrees outside? Do i still wear the leather? is there no other option? (besides buying gear for two separate seasons). Also, is there any type of gear that can be worn under clothes?


Look at the Bridgestone Blizzak Tires, they all the best for all road situations.
yes their is ,any circuit city that installs car alarms can also install power door locks on it for you,they make a kit that comes complete with everything needed in it to do this with and most shops now days that install alarm systems can also install the power door lock system it will be a part of the alarm system and will operate as original did,only better when it locks it also sets the alarm system on it and you can use a remote to lock an unlock it with,good luck.

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