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Quiestion about tricep work outs. No burn?

Im currently lifting weights and am trying to add size to my arms. when i work out my triceps i don't feel a BURN at all, just a little stiffness. am a working them out right. work outs such as the skull crusher. other parts of my body i get that BURN. Also a hear that the triceps grow faster than biceps. How much faster? Can anybody help?


Store alarms use radio frequency sensors. Sometimes folded into a book you will notice a sticker with a coil of foil on it. Im not sure of the details, but I imagine a frequency of radio wave is transmitted, and that length of wire resonates at that frequency, increasing in amplitude and setting off the receiving sensor. Magnets will not set off any alarms. They may however silence magnetic reed switches(used in home security to detect if doors and windows are open.
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