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Rear axle seals on 1997 murcury mountaineer?

My brother needs me to fix his suv. He said the rear axle seals are bad. Are they hard to do? I have alot of tools but are there any special tools that I will need? I know alot about cars but when it comes to rear end work I have not gone there. Any help would be great!!


To do it properly you should get a CHILToNS manual. Make sure that subject is in it before you buy. How does he know it is axle seals ? That would be very unusual on a young car like this. If the axle seals are in fact leaking the cause is usually a failed bearing. Check to see if you have rear end lube leaking. You should be able to identify it by smell or feel. Make sure you don't have leaking brake fluid instead of oil. before you take it apart.
May 28, 2018
the least confusing way is to jack up the motor vehicle on that factor making use of a stand type jack under the physique.proceed to get rid of the wheel and rotor,then use a series and wrap it around the axle at one end and the two a whinch or yet another motor vehicle on the different.Then merely pull it off.that is incredibly user-friendly merely be careful yet you do must be conscious a severe quantity of torque to unfastened it.stable good fortune
May 28, 2018

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