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reinstalling side axles?

1996 k2500 rear side axles, is there a trick to it or just need alot of patience?


i'm not sure of exactly what problem you are haveing if you would like to e-mail me with a bit more info i can probly help. if the axles or in a truck with a full floating axle (the shafts bolt in from the outside then you should be able to slide them in and with a little turning and wiggleing tey should seat all the way. if you have the lighter duty semi-floating axle where they are heid in by a c clip you can slide them in untill they stop then with a littlelifting and twisting and maybe a little upword or downword twist of the flang where the tire mounts you should be able to get the splines to line up and slide in the rest of the way. like i said e-mail me if you need any more help i'm glad to help.
May 28, 2018

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