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Removing passenger side axle?

Is it possible to remove passenger side axle along with the carrier bracket. The alignment pins are keeping it in place I can t think of work around for this one. I have scion and I ve looked the bracket isn t attached to anything else it s just the alignment pins.


Make sure you have all the bolts out of the middle axle support. Then use a big pry bar to get it off any rusty pins. If the inner joint won't pry out of the transmission/differential use a long round punch. Place the punch anywhere you can get to on the tranny side of the inner joint and whack with a 2 b. hammer to pop the retainer clip out of the tranny. make sure when you replace the axle you put the axle nut on the outer CV joint and then push the joint inward before striking the axle nut with the 2 lb. hammer to get the retainer clip back in the tranny. Watch a youtube video for your vehicle
May 28, 2018
That bracket can be so hard to remove. I used to just change the out half of the shaft with very good results.
May 28, 2018

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