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Reptile leopard gecko?

How do make it more humid for my leopard gecko eggs can I spray the eggs with a little water? How often shOuld I spray my tank and if so the eggs alsowith water to increase humidity? And is spagnam moss an okay substrate for my leopard gecko eggs considering my local pets tore doesn't sell any vermiculite?


I'm guessing your trying the pf tek method. Try Lowes off of Stassney and I-35 for the vermiculite. central market for the brown rice flour. We also have an excellent hydroponic store here in Austin called Bright Ideas off of Congress and 71 for the Perlite and other needs. Good luck.
Organic refers to the source of the rice, that is, the farm where it grew. So, if it's from an organic farm, it's organic. Enriching it will not change that status. If it doesn't say brown rice on the bag, then it's just white rice that's been colored in the processing. Uncle Ben's may do that; I'm not sure. Brown rice has more nutrients and fiber than white rice, but is also more susceptible to mold. You have to keep it in a cool, dry place.

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