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riding a dual sport year round in pa?

k what i plan on doing instead of buying a car is getting a dual sport bike and riding all year round until i get additional money for a car for the worst of days what i found online is people putting 1/4 inch snowmobile studs in their rear tires and standard studs in their front tires i alrdy know its gonna be cold as **** i just wanna know is it possible to make a 15 mile ride on pa winter roads on a dual sport


It's impossible to tell. It could be anything from a broken light, to a missing button to a camera!
The smoke detector will not go off from lighting something with a lighter. Smoke detectors are triggered by excessive heat, but neither a lighter nor even a burning candle should set them off from two yards away. Now, the smoke from your cigarette or whatever might set it off, if the room is not well ventilated, but even that's pretty unlikely.

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