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Rubber Stamp Mark on a Shrunk Balloon?

Some time ago I used a rubber stamp on a blown-up balloon. A couple of weeks later, I returned and saw it had shrunk considerably and so had the stamp mark. This struck me as very counter intuitive- the balloon shrunk since it lost most of its air, sure, but why should the stamp mark?


Its because you're in a conductive liquid. Virtually all water on earth that isn't treated will have ions that will make the water conductive to the electricity, and thus fatal to you. If all water was distilled/de-ionized, then it would not matter if you were around water.
you put a hose in and let it run for 24 hours and if you are on a septic tank system you are fine, however, if you are on a city sewer - make arrangements with the water company to get a pass on 13,000 gallons - as sewer rates are tied to water usage
Probably the easiest way would be to find a wreck of the same basic model and cannibalize it for parts. The hard parts would be the stuff you need, including the switches, then you'll have to wire it yourself. Now - I have seen some of the glass tinting/car stereo shops advertise adding power locks, which might be another way to get it done ..

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