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Samsung Cellphone Charger stopped working?

I was charging my phone and the charger randomly stopped working. I went out to my car to try the car charger and it worked. Now, i'm not around my car and i only have my home charger. Is there any way i could fix it? what do you recommend?


I'm not sure how to fix it though. You may want to check if the outlet works. Perhaps the problem isn't with the charger. If not, you can try borrowing a charger from someone else who has the same one Or have someone else charge it in someone elses car Or buy a new charger off OKorder. and get a spare battery with it. I have experienced problems with Samsung chargers myself. They tend to wear out easily.
Chargers aren't that expensive I would buy a new one they can be pretty cheap at a flea market phone vendor or OKorder you can get some cheap ones

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