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Seeking expert answers motorcycle engine ignition system!

Motorcycle four-stroke engine spark plug to the piston in the compressed air to the top dead point before the ignition and by the magnet motor to give electric coil igniter, but the cylinder to complete a work crankshaft turn four-ring magnet motor how to know when the ignition? For an hour all.


Motorcycle a cycle of two fire, exhaust ignition is invalid, into the air only effective
You worry more, you are the chain machine or the top dry machine ah!
Magnetic motor on the mark, the cam is also, the two is the ignition time
This is a very simple acridine, magnetic motor on the cylinder is not a carved line, called the ignition line TK, in the valve opening and closing timing wheel also has a mark line, magnetic motor turn a fire coil discharge once, when the point Fire line discharge valve just in the fully closed state, because the two timing line is aligned, so now most of the engine in a working period can be two times the fire, which is to reduce the cylinder carbon deposition,

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