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Should i go with the cobra IRS for my 2003 mustang or a solid rear axle?

i bought my 03 amch 1 salvage turns out i need to change the rear axle.What should i get the cobras IRS(individual rear suspension) or the stock solid rear axle?-keeping in mind that im only going to use as a daily driver and maybe race it a couple times at the 1/4 strip.


The solid live rear axle assembly will be FAR easier to locate, and FAR less expensive. The amount of work required to install the IRS as well as the cost of the donor parts needed will make it extremely pricey. The solid live rear axle on the other hand, will be just a direct bolt-in. Hope this helps.
May 28, 2018
I will make it a simple answer Anyone who owns a 03-04 Cobra that is making serious power gets rid of there IRS for a solid rear The IRS will break alot easier under stress Independent Rear Suspension not Individual
May 28, 2018
The IRS is for sure the better way to go with either daily driving (softer ride) and 1/4 mile times(traction). I would imagine however that the IRS unit is significantly more costly. On the other hand the solid rear can be tunes in better for the track with some aftermarket parts and would be alot more able to take high rpm launches if your going to get into racing more. For some mild street/strip action if i had the choice id go with the IRS just for the comfort factor.
May 28, 2018

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