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Should the fire extinguisher I buy be rechargeable (&commercial& size, rated 3-A, 40-B/C)?

The non-rechargeable one is about $35 and the rechargeable one is roughly $10 more. For all I know, the non-rechargeable one is better even if they were the same price.So what should I buy?Thanks!


the printer uses rubber wheels on multiple bars to grab the paper. you may have to open it up to see if you have a printer jam or a broken gear that will not allow the paper to feed all the way through. all you need is a phillips head screwdriver for almost all models. while its open, clean the wheels! very dirty wheels will not have enough grip to pull the paper.
your question made me LOL haha no i have not seems ridiculous ;p and im sure it would hurt!
No. I think the metal will cause my head to have a dent .
I think we will end up using quarks. Gather a large amount of a single type of quark, they only bond to other types as far as I know, and then release them. They will bond and react with any matter they hit releasing energy, radioactive isotopes, a ton of radiation, and sometimes other quarks and it will just keep going and going. It would be like a nuke that caused extra nuclear reactions as it went. I'm not sure if it will be around anytime soon, but it is probably more likely than an antimatter bomb. Quarks of a single type would be very difficult to produce in the quantities required, but we can't make enough antimatter to do anything with either.
Ive fell and hit my head on a fire extinguisher and that really hurt. So i presume being hit by one would hurt way more

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