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Small amount of vermiculite was knocked into our bathroom. How concerned should I be about asbestos?

My uncle put in a new ceiling fan for us this evening. He had to crawl in our attic to do this. He knocked out what I thought was just some dust an plaster. I had my husband vaccuum it up. Only after the fact did we realize there was some vermiculite in those chunks. We had some small traces of silvery flakes on the floor which we've been using a mop to clean up. But there is a small amount that got on the carpet. How should I clean that up? I'm kind of creaking out about asbestos exposure. What else should we do? How consurned should I be about this?


dont seperate the eggs or you might mess something just keep them like that it wont affect anything anyways. what i do is first i out the vermiculite in a cup with water. then i squeeze all the water from the vermiculite and that should be the right amount of water without doing all that weighing. then i put the vermiculite in the tupperware container and put the eggs in them. make sure that when you put the egg in the container you have to put it in how it was laid or else it will drown. and just keep the container closed and one a week ope the lid for a couple of hour to let air flow in there and thats about it.
idk if the clear spots mean anything but i would say that doesn't sound right... idk try incubating them anyways. leave the eggs stuck together! if you move them it could do more damage than if you leave them. just start placing the eggs about 1/2-1 inch apart and press down with your thumb to make a nice lil hole for the egg b4 you put it in the incubator. no its not a good idea to move the eggs everyday. well first of all you shouldn't need to moisten the vermiculite every day! just spray it good once b4 you put the eggs in and leave it. if it makes u feel better get a hydrometer (measures moisture) and put it in the cup/container next to the eggs and ours tends to stay in the green section which means moderatly humid which is working perfectly fine for me so far. maybe ur cups are the problem. for our incubator we got the kind of containers with the snap on lids. you can get them at target or walmart. and than we just SET the lid on top, don't snap it on just set it on top of the container so the eggs are covered but air can still circulate. kay i hope this helps you!

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