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Smoke Detector won't stop beeping!?

Last night it started beeping, today i changed the battery but it still won't stop beeping. Whats wrong with it? I already changed the battery and turned all the power off in the house, but it still kept beeping. It runs on battery's and electricity.


It doesn't matter. Unless you live in Montana, you live in an at will state. And that means they can fire you at any time and for any reason they want. Or, even for NO reason.
No, you have no recourse. On your probationary period, you were a no-show. You might have had a good reason, but they may fear you'll have a lot of good reasons if they hire you.
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No, you cannot file a wrongful termination suit. A probationary period is for the sole purpose of seeing if the employer and the prospective employee are a good fit, as well as if the potential employee has the necessary skills to do the job. While you are during this probationary period, you do not have the same rights as the other employees do (as per the employee handbook). Thus during a probationary period, the employer can sack you for any reason without any notice at all. And vice versa, you can quit for any reason without notice as well. Take care!
you have no case. you were in your probation period and they can terminate you at will with no explanation. sorry.

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