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Solid wood flooring and laminate flooring compared to which is better and more environmentally friendly

My house in addition to the bathroom, balcony, kitchen with other tiles outside the floor, solid wood flooring and too expensive can not afford to feel the room with tiles and cool after a child wrestling also pain, but I heard the composite floor twitch Ji You are willing to use the composite floor of the solid wood composite environmental protection or strengthening, and which brand is also some of the quality of environmental protection is also affordable, please use the sincere answer really grateful, Brand of care do not answer the question added: home with a child, then the solid wood will really be a drop of a pit is not so ugly, waterproof which is better to consider the home with children and the elderly more


All the wood flooring will have formaldehyde, the twists and turns of the Kyrgyzstan is willing to pile of stakes can not avoid. As long as the formaldehyde within the standard range will not hurt the body. Our country is not more than 1.5mg per square meter is harmless to the body, the European standard is 0.5.We usually drink pure water formaldehyde content is 0.9, beer is 0.6, even we wear formaldehyde in the clothes, this Do not worry too much, buy regular brand floor can be assured. On the solid wood composite and strengthen the compound which good question. Strengthen the composite particularly wear, more suitable for children at home, the price is low. Solid wood composite than the enhanced high-end beautiful, but not anti-resistance, a drop of a pit, a child is best not to consider, because the children play toys accidentally out of the ground will be a pit.
Are not environmentally friendly. If you do not consider the solid wood flooring, it is recommended to use solid wood flooring. On the free formaldehyde, laminate flooring is more serious than the parquet. On the quality, solid wood flooring is naturally better than laminate flooring. Suggestions to choose icons.
Of course, is a solid wood composite pull, now installed solid wood composite has been catching up with solid wood flooring! Solid wood composite will gradually replace the solid wood flooring!
In fact, no matter what kind of floor are more or less contain harmful substances or gases, but not enough to cause harm to the human body. If the environmental point of view really can not say which is better, personal feeling are environmentally friendly, at least not heard of which due to pavement poisoning or affect the body, I prefer to believe that "the floor is not environmentally friendly" A propaganda strategy for selling merchandise

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