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sparring tips and safety?

me and my friends r sparring soon and all we have is a pair of glove and a mouthguard no headgears, shin guards etc. any safety tips anyone can say and also some tips about sparringand we're obviously not using knees in the face so don't bother saying that


You're supposed to wrap tie a fishing line to the round thing at the bottom, and then you can use it as a noose if you ever have the desire.
Not all smoke detectors have buttons. There are many commercial versions, especially heat detectors, that look similar to that. Or it's an electrical box cover, though those are usually flat. Either way, you can just leave it alone.
I am atheist and I believe that there should be mutual respect among all beliefs as long as they don’t hurt anyone. I think atheist ask questions about religion because atheists tend to me somewhat cynical and only put stock in theories that have some scientific support. Whereas religion to a great extent relies on faith. Personally for me I can’t get my head around all the questions I have about the bible.

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