Spider Model Help.?

I have to make a clay project of a Goliath Bird-Eating spider for schoolI'm really good at this stuff (like making things out of clay) and I have a big imaginationThe problem is that they are really hairy on their legs and I can't find anything to put on my sculpture to make it look hairy(P.S It has to be able to stick to the sculpture because it stands up and i can't have it falling off for the art show.)


Use crepe hair, which you can get in a costume shop or craft placeIt's inexpensive stuff that actors use when they suddenly need a mustache for a role, and don't have time to grow a real oneFor a sculpture (rather than a face) you could create a hair patch by putting several coats of latex down over aluminum foil and then implanting crepe hair into it while it's still wet(If you want it stretchy, use a layer of pantyhose on the foil.) You then pull it free of the foil and you have a 'hairy patch' that you can cut into whatever length and size you need and applyIf you are afraid of it falling apart, you can put strips of gauze bandage instead of pantyhose into the first coat of latex.

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