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State of Arizona wrongful death suit.?

Is there any way if I can find out if an out of court wrongful death suit was payed out. My mother passed away in 1993 and shortly after I moved to Germany. My brother who was in Arizona at the time said that the lawyers told him there was not enough evidence for a strong case. But since then my brother has done some things that make me believe he got an out of court settlement. I have no idea what lawyer he had because he fired the lawyer we hired together and hired another. Is there a way I can find out if he got money?Please help.Thank you..


Unvented gas fireplaces are as safe as any other style but you should use a heating log set which burns extremely efficiently. I've used this style for over 15 yrs. Also you must install a carbon monoxide detector in the room where the fireplace is located to be on the safe side. They can be burned without electric power and we have heated our entire house with them during power outages resulting from ice storms. Unless the top of any heating device is very well insulated it will get very hot when in use, and if your cat were to jump on top it while in use it would be a very warm pussy.

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