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Stripped and destroyed axle nut?

In attempt to remove the axle nuts on my car I first tried using a breaker bar. It did not work for either side and stupidly I allowed one of the nuts to slightly strip. I got an electric impact gun from harbor freight, one side came off easy, however the other side I stripped with the breaker bar could not come off at all.The only answer I got after a quick online search was to use a dremmel and cut off wheel to cut the nut off. All I have now is a completely mangaled axle nut that is stuck on the axle threads and I have absolutely NO clue how to get this thing off. And I can‘t proceed with what I am doing without taking this axle nut off.Only solution I see is by cutting it but it was hopeless with the dremmel. Any ideas?


if you happen to know someone with a torch you could have them burn it out . . . although its kinda a big nut ive burnt out lug nuts but never an axle nut I suppose its possible though . . . odds are you may have to bring it to a shop to do that as a last resort
May 28, 2018
that not should not be too tight but id it is one that has been hammered into a recess on the axle to keep it from backing off, that can be an issue. id use an old flat head screwdriver and a hammer to round that section back out so that it will turn again om the axle. cutting it can work also but both sides of it would be ideal. it should just about fall off if you line it up right when that is done. a 6 sided socket is helpful on them also. it puts more of the torque on the faces of the nut. this delivers more of the power to the nut.
May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018

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