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subject and verbs help?

what are the subjects and verbsplease help.1the trip from new york to philadelphia took a day and a half by stagecoach2.did the lacrosse team practice on tuesday.3the first bridge across the mississippi river was built by the rock island railroad in 1855.4i swept, washed and waxed the kitchen floor.5there are some Extra hangers in the closet.6from the airplane jumped the skydivers.7.waxed paper, the dictating machine and the mime graph wre some of thomas edison's inventions.8plant the daffodils before the first frost.9do You knowhenry's real name10.the people on the committee and the mayor met and discussed plans for the new library.


1trip took 2team practice 3bridge was built 4i swept, washed, waxed 5hangers are (there is never a subject) 6skydivers jumped 7paper, machine, graph were 8you plant 9you know 10people, mayor met, discussed

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