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Sweaters and any long sleeve can shield the sun?

If I wear a long sleeve, will it shield the sun from me getting a tan? If I wear a cardigan, will it shield the sun? I'm white and I like my color I don't want to get darker I don't know I'm not super white but I have a real nice color. Will a cardigan sweater and long sleeve hide the sun and prevent me from getting a tan or should I still apply sunscreen to my arms? Thank you x. I read somewhere that if it's a light shirt, it won't hide the sun, like a white t-shirt.ALSO. How long does it affect my face if I'm in the sun? Like walking to class the sun faces me and I wear 2 layers of sunscreen sometimes because I don't want wrinkles haha. I really want to stop caring if I'm light skinned or not because I get tired of wearing sweaters and stuff just to hide the sun from my arms. :(


Hummm., wonder what will happen when something sharp is applied, like when a knife is insurted in a tire. Doesn't it go flat?
I personally believe in freedom, and less governmental interference in our lives. While I choose to wear a helmet, I resent the fact that my freedom to choose is restricted by the nanny state. Adults should be free to make choices, and some of those choices may not be the best ones. Freedom means that you can do what you think is best, rather than having others force you to conform to their opinion.
it is best to have additional training because it is very dangerous, it is about being aware that everyone around you is likely to hit you and being prepared to avoid that.
Yes I do think they should have to take a motorcycle safety training class. Just like the car drivers training class but for motorcycles. I encourage you to start a campaign in your city or state to get a law like that passed. You can contact your state congressional representative.

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