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Switching Keyboard Connection?

I have my keyboard connected to a USB connection now. I want to move it to the regular keyboard connection with the adapter thats next to the mouse. when I do that my system won't recognize it and I get an error message telling me to plug in the keyboard. Any ideas?


I had the same problem with an IBM ThinkPad(worst piece of crap laptop i've ever owned) Usually its a power surge to that specific area of the USB. So im assuming youre using a desktop PC. i'd suggest moving it to anotehr USB slot, if any, or if you have a USB HUB you could try that, but i'd be able to help you easier if i had more specific details on your computer / If its a dekstop PC i'd also suggest possibly getting a new power supply
Used to be, most USB keyboards also understood how to talk to the old PS/2 ports, and all you needed was a physical adapter to change the USB plug to a PS/2 plug. However, lately, keyboard manufacturers have taken out PS/2 support and the keyboards ONLY know USB. Look at the label on the keyboard to see if it claims to support PS/2. If it only says USB, you need a different keyboard - one that supports PS/2. --N

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