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Tape player sound shaky when plays?

It is a CD/radio/taper player combo and tapes play but sound shaky. I have already used a cleaning kit on it and that didnt help. Any ideas?


If its a quick chirping noise, the battery is just low and you're freaking out for no reason. Call it in, play dumb, and someone will show up with a fesh 9volt battery and a ladder. Or, you may have interrupted the hardwire connection somehow between your detector and others close by in the same loop. You could try flipping the breaker off then back on or you could hold down that button to reset the loop. Of course, every detector will beep about 3 times or so during the reset. Just play dumb and call it in.
No. Parking in front of a hydrant blocks it from use by the fire department, which is why it is always illegal.

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